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Criminal Representation in Marietta
The day you receive a summons, or you're served with a citation, or hear your name called out in court as "The State of Georgia vs. YOU", you may never feel quite so alone. John P. Brocard at Brocard & Brocard, P.A. in Marietta Georgia understands what you are going through and is dedicated to resolving your criminal or substance abuse legal issue with the best solution for minimizing possible incarceration, expense and a possible conviction on your record resulting from your circumstances.
I Can't Believe I Am An Accused Criminal in Georgia
Being accused of a crime is upsetting and it is something no one ever expects to happen. There are two basic situations:
1. You are accused of something you didn't do and are possibly facing incarceration on a criminal charge and you're unsure of where to turn and unsure of who to trust.

2. You made a mistake and things went horribly wrong and what started as a simple mistake or a momentary lapse in judgment has turned into something much larger now that you are formally charged with a crime.

Attorney John Brocard knows how to face both situations; he has defended the completely innocent and also those clients who admit to making a mistake.

Close Personal Contact with Your Marietta Attorney
Facing criminal charges is traumatizing and nothing compounds stress more than the inability to reach your attorney. John Brocard puts a premium on his accessibility to his criminal defense clients. He provides moral and emotional support and encouragement in addition to your legal representation and John achieves this by:

1. Returning every client phone call, email or text is returned the same day

2. Every client receives his personal cell phone number

This gives you the assurance of knowing that you can reach your attorney at a critical time, but it also helps John to do his job more effectively. Close client interaction is important to representing you because you are the best resource for understanding what happened in the case and your input is needed to put together the best defense possible. No two criminal defense cases are alike and John spends the time to understand your case and to develop your defense. John is here to help you get the best results possible and he has the knowledge and skill to thoroughly evaluate your case, explore legal defenses and develop an effective defense strategy for you. John Brocard prides himself on treating clients with professionalism, courtesy and compassion.

The Treatment Friendly Attorney
John Brocard strives to protect your freedom, record and rights. He looks for ways to protect your interests through treatment options, community service alternatives or deferred entry of judgment. John understands addiction and is aware of numerous resources to help struggling clients get clean and sober. He has a knowledge of numerous treatment providers to assist in this regard.

The Types of Criminal Cases John Brocard Handles Are All Misdemeanors and Most Non-Violent Felonies. He Has a Special Passion for Clients Struggling With an Addiction Who Have a
Real Desire for Help

Adult Criminal Substance Abuse & Addiction Defense
If you or a friend or family member is facing criminal charges stemming from a drug or alcohol addiction in Cobb County, contact John Brocard, an experienced substance abuse defense lawyer who is highly specialized in representing misdemeanor and felony cases involving substance abuse.

Drug addiction, by its very nature involves criminal activity, but those who find themselves in this situation should know there is hope.

John Brocard is an attorney who understands addiction, rehabilitation, and treatment. John Brocard knows how to restore your life and your professional reputation.

John is well networked with counseling and rehabilitation providers that help those struggling with substance abuse, mental health concerns and other emotional issues leading to your criminal offense and these organizations provide group support and individual counseling geared to the needs of the accused. Privacy is assured and all participation is confidential.

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Located in historic Marietta, Georgia next to the Superior County Court John Brocard represents clients in Cobb and Gwinnett counties, the City of Roswell and the surrounding Atlanta greater metro area. To learn more about how John Brocard can help you and your family, call him at 770-422-2300.

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