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John Brocard is a member of the  State Bar of Georgia
John Brocard is a member of the Cobb County Bar Association

Providing Affordable, Professional Mediation Conflict Solutions in Marietta

Attorney John Brocard provides hands-on mediation guidance for both parties to find the most appropriate settlement terms within the legal and economic circumstances of each dispute. As a mediator, John will use his extensive legal experience of over 35 years in helping disputing parties find a fair and equitable resolution to their problem.

Personal controversies are particularly responsive to mediation and work best when the disputing parties are well-informed about all aspects of their case. John Brocard has extensive experience and a specialized knowledge regarding relevant law, and as a trial lawyer with significant legal experience, John can be very effective when circumstances call for mediation. Using a mediator like John will result on focusing on the shared interests of the disputing parties in identifying the most expeditious ways of resolving disputes, thus eliminating the uncertainityand expense of a trial!

Providing experienced mediation resolution in Cobb County

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Located in historic Marietta, Georgia next to the Superior County Court John Brocard represents clients in Cobb and Gwinnett counties, the City of Roswell and the surrounding Atlanta greater metro area. To learn more about how John Brocard can help you and your family, call him at 770-422-2300.

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