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John Brocard is a member of the  State Bar of Georgia
John Brocard is a member of the Cobb County Bar Association

Take the Important First Step That Will Move Your Life in a Positive Direction

When your freedom is at stake or you are suffering from an injury that was not your fault, attorney John Brocard has a proven record of positive results and settlements. There are few attorneys who are more intent upon pursuing a positive outcome, and who commit the time, energy and research to concluding your defense or settlement.

In criminal cases, John Brocard is not a mill but instead is selective in who he represents and therefore he provides focused, intelligent and precise representation. John is not interested in finding the easiest solution for your criminal charge and moving on to the next case. John digs deep, finds new doors and pursues the results you need. The skill and dedication of your defense attorney will have an impact on your criminal case so it is important that you choose the right attorney.

For personal injury cases, John can reduce your expense, reduce the uncertainty and help you move on with your life. Many times, it is more beneficial for a plaintiff to receive an insurance settlement through negations. By negotiating and settling with the insurance company, the plaintiff avoids the expense and uncertainity of litigation.

You may ask, "how can I maximize my recovery and minimize my costs?" And the simple answer is hire John Brocard who is well experienced in mediated settlement negotiations. John Brocard's clients have consistently reported positive feedback after working with him. Most of his cases are settled before the lawsuit is filed. If a case was filed he has been very successful at settling cases through mediation.

Reducing Expense, Reducing Uncertainty, Helping You to Move Forward With Your Life

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Located in historic Marietta, Georgia next to the Superior County Court John Brocard represents clients in Cobb and Gwinnett counties, the City of Roswell and the surrounding Atlanta greater metro area. To learn more about how John Brocard can help you and your family, call him at 770-422-2300.

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